Antique Chinese Fan for Europe with Silver Rods and Enamels. S. XIX

Gorgeous Chinese silver fan made for the European market. Spectacular sticks. In very good condition.



Amazing antique Chinese fan for export to Europe with silver sticks and enamels, made in the 19th century and in great condition. The fan stands out for its impressive sticks, made of gold-plated and white filigree silver pieces and with a beautiful design. The sticks are adorned with blue, purple and green enamels, all of them original from the time and finely preserved. The leaf is wide and good-looking; it is decorated with three bucolic and romantic scenes, very much to the taste of European 19th-Century decorative arts. Though the fan was made in China, the decoration is clearly thought for the European market. Though, the scenes composition, the delicate faces and the high attention to detail it shows reveal the magnificent tradition of Chinese artists. The gold-framed scenes are painted on a light-green background. The guards are remarkable pieces themselves, made of gold-plated filigree silver pieces and with the same enameled decoration as the rest of the sticks. For its good condition and outstanding design, this antique Chinese fan for Europe with silver sticks and enamels is a real collectors piece. Dimensions: Sticks Length: 7.87 in / 20 cm. Width (Unfolded): 13.58 in / 34 cm.

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