Striking Gilt Silver Cruet Set with Enamels. France, Circa 1870

Gorgeous enameled-silver and glass cruet set, nearly 150 years old. In very good condition.



Striking gilt silver cruet set with enamels made in France circa 1870 by the Trioullier Brothers, goldsmiths specialized in ecclesiastic ornaments who were active from 1844 to 1899. The cruets and tray set are presented in their original storing case, in excellent condition and with an inscription with the name and address of the silversmiths who made them. This is an article of exceptional delicacy and finesse: the cruets are composed of an engraved gilt-silver foot, silver handles in the shape of a dragon, a glass vessel and silver lid. At the silver foot and crowning each lid, the cruets are adorned with circular medallions containing schematic vines and bunches of grapes, painted in gold over an ultramarine background. Some of the enamels have very slight flaws, almost imperceptible, which in no way interfere in the beauty and the quality of the pieces. The tray has a very original shape which combines curves and symmetrical angles. All the pieces bear the antique French silvers hallmark and the silversmiths mark. This striking gilt silver cruet set with enamels will stand out during the celebration of mass, but also on a stylish sideboard or in a showcase containing the most delicate silver antiques. Dimensions: Tray: Width: 10.63 in / 26 cm. Depth: 5.91 in / 15 cm. Weight: 332 g. Cruets: Width: 1.97 in / 5 cm. Height: 6.69 in / 17 cm. Weight (Set of 2): 516 g.

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