Magnificent Chinese Carving of Kwan Yin Made in Bone, S. XIX.

Impressive Chinese Kwan Yin carving, delicate and elegant, made on animal bone in a



Amazing Chinese carving, delicate and elegant, made on an animal bone so that the motive depicted adapts to the shape of the bone, made during the Qing dinasty. This is a very beautiful figure, made by hand and full of deep embossed details which form a stylish sculpture. The carving sits on a wooden base, also hand-carved with leave-shaped forms and classical volutes. The bases carving creates free-standing forms, generating a light volume where the gaps let us see the inner part of the piece. The bone sculpture depicts probably the goddess Kuan Yin. This character is in a very relaxed and smart pose, elevating one hand while the other rests on one side of the body, just in front of the waist. The figures hands are especially beautiful: the carefully carved fingers are moving in a nice pose, while the right hand is holding delicately a flowery branch. The characters face bears a subtle smile and his or her expression is peaceful. This figure is smartly dressed in the traditional way, wearing long earrings, a necklace and a dress full of folding and drapes. A lot of decorative details surround the dancer. Over the figure we can see a Chinese dragon opening its jaws in an expressive way, which is lying down on the branch the figure is grabbing. The big flower that decorates the branch is also highly remarkable. The bottom of the piece shows more mythological animals with scaled bodies, and also waves and volutes that spread towards the rear, where they mix with more animals and decorative motives. This figures carved decoration, with its lovely accuracy and deep relief, is a great feature which turns it into the perfect item to decorate a smart room. Measurements: 110 mm ancho x 225 mm alto.

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