Rare Antique 18K Gold Pocket Watch, Charles Grosclaude, Switzerland 1860s

Fantastic antique pocket watch in 18K solid gold. Perfect working condition.



Awesome antique pocket watch with 18-carat solid gold box, by Charles Henry Grosclaude, decorated with hand-engraved wild-nature scenes. The watch was manufactured in Switzerland in the half of the 19th century (circa 1860). Though being such an antique piece, it works perfectly: in order to guarantee it, the movement has been fully checked and fine-tuned. The three caps are made of gold, just like the rest of the box; the precious metal bears several hallmarks that prove it. The watchs face is also gorgeous; in general, this is a real jewel that stands out for its delicate making. The front cap is engraved by hand and shows a scene with a weasel attacking a hare. The engraving is performed with high attention to detail and shows off a great realism. The animals are surrounded by big plants and flowers and leafy vegetation. Inside we find the engraved serial number 26100, the hallmark for the Swiss gold (the initials CH, corresponding to Confederation Helvétique) and the mark that indicates the carats (18K). This last mark is also engraved in the watchs crown. Under the front cap rests the lovely silvery face, protected by a glass and gold cap. The face is engraved by hand with a fine background of volutes and flowers, decorated with golden details. The face bears black Roman numbers and cobalt-blue metal hands. Over the secondary hand there is a tiny inscription (partially deleted) with the manufacturers name. The rear cap bears another hand-engraved scene, this time depicting a big swan in a lake surrounded by trees and plants. Under the swan we can see another birds head. Both the rear cap and the dustcap bear the same marks and inscriptions as the front cap.At the movement of the watch we can find engraved the watchmaker's signature, Ch. Grosclaude H. (Charles Henry Grosclaude) and the company's name, Cie. Fleurier. Fleurier is also the Swiss city where the company was located. This wonderful antique pocket watch, completely made of solid gold, is a collectors piece worthy of the most stylish gentleman. Measurements: Width: 50 mm. Height: 49 mm

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