Antique Girard Perregaux 18K Repeater Pocket Watch. Calendar. Switzerland, Circa 1915

Striking and very rare gold quarter repeater pocket watch signed by Girard Perregaux. With perpetual calendar and moon phases. Museum piece.



Superb and extremely rare antique Girard Perregaux 18K gold pocket watch, with quarter repeater, perpetual calendar and moon phases, for the Spanish market. This magnificent watch was made in Switzerland circa 1915 and has come to us in excellent condition. The machinery works very well, as well as the chime and complications. The case is entirely made of gold; the lids are thick and have a wonderful hand carved decoration that adds to the attractiveness of the piece. The decoration on both is very similar, with the difference that the front cover bears an unengraved shield in the center, while the back shows a pedestal with flowers. The flowers, garlands, bands and classic motifs that make up the decoration are spectacularly beautiful. On both sides we distinguish two masks representing two bearded men, symmetrical and in profile. It is worth mentioning the spectacular detail of the motifs, with delicate shadows and lines that provide depth and realism. If we lift the front cover, under it we will find the white dial with black Roman numerals, Breguet hands, three complications and the Girard Perregaux signature on the moon phase calendar. This small dial also shows two tiny hairs, barely noticeable to the naked eye and that do not cloud the magnificent design at all. Inside the covers we can see several inscriptions and quality marks: the Girard Perregaux hallmark in the center, that of the 18K gold, that of the silversmith (the letters FN with a crown on top) and the serial number 119402. The back cover includes another number at the top, 247332. Beneath it, the dust cover is decorated with wonderful inscriptions, hand-engraved in different fonts, describing the type of mechanism, the complications and the name of the watchmaker's firm. The machinery that rests beneath this piece is in superb condition and shows excellent working order, worthy of a watch as special as this one. Any discerning collector will want to own this superb and extremely rare antique Girard Perregaux pocket watch in 18K gold, with quarter repeater, perpetual calendar and moon phases. An exclusive item for true connoisseurs. Measurements: Width: 55 mm. Weight: 156 g.

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