Antique Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch. Triple Chime + Chrono. 14K Gold. 65 mm. Circa 1900

Beautiful 14K rose gold quarter-repeating pocket watch. With chronograph. In fine condition and great working order.



Antique quarter-repeating pocket watch with triple chimes and chronograph, made of 14K gold and with 65 mm diameter. It was made in Switzerland circa 1900 for the German market and remains in great condition and fine working order. The movement has a triple chime gong instead of the usual two ones. The watch is clearly oversized and shows a quite bigger dimension than usual. It mounts 14K rose gold with three caps, in amazing condition. The front cap shows a guilloche decoration with a foliate shield-shaped cameo for the owners initials (blank). It has a fluted rose-gold suppressed ball pendant and round bow, placed at the three position (savonette) opposite the case hinge. The rear cap also bears a guilloche background. Just like the front cap, inside it has the German gold mark, serial number 12335 and sign marked, 56/0.585 for 14k gold (14/24ths=approx. 0.583). There is a case marker mark ND corresponding to the Swiss casemaker Nestor Delevaux. Under this cap we can see the cuvette, also made of gold and with a French hand-engraved inscription with information about the movement. The white dial has black upright Arabic hour indices, outer open bar minute track and outermost chronograph tracmk divided into fifths of a second with Arabic markers placed every five seconds measuring 300 fifth of a second every minute. There is a subsidiary continuous seconds dial at 6, gilt skeletonized Louis-XV hands with steel counterbalanced center seconds chronograph pointer The watch has an oversize Swiss-made movement with unsigned gilt plate movement, fully jeweled, straight line lever escapement, cut bimetallic compensation balance, blued steel Breguet balance spring, Swiss-made index regulator repeating quarterly on gongs. activated by a slide on the band with the movement having a ruby center wheel jewel. The quarterly chiming has a triple chime gong, rather than the usual two bim-bam chime The chronometer function is activated by a push button also on the band, directly opposite the chime slide. The regulator is marked in both English and French initials for faster and slower. This striking antique quarter-repeating pocket watch with triple chime gong, made of 14K gold and with 65 mm diameter is a real treasure in excellent working order. Dimensions: Width: 65 mm.

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