Antique 65mm-Diameter Pocket Watch. France, Circa 1900

Big-sized French pocket watch in fine working order. Silver-plated metal casing. With chain and a case which makes it possible to turn it into a mantel clock.



Antique 65mm-diameter pocket watch made in France circa 1900, in fine condition and good working order. The watch comes with its original case and a storing case. The case can be turned into a support which makes it possible to use the watch as a mantel clock. Originally it mounted a rear foldable leg (currently missing but easy to replace if wished). The casing is bigger than usual; is made of silver-plated metal and bears no decoration at all. Inside the rear cap we can see the engraved word ARGENTAN which guarantees that the metal bears an authentic silver plating. The fine dial is white, with big black Roman numerals and straight black hands. On the other hand, the storing case is covered in greatly-preserved black imitation leather. This original antique 65mm-diameter pocket watch will shine in a good collection, on a mantelpiece or as part of a fine outfit. Dimensions: Diameter: 65 mm.

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