Antique Le Coultre Ladies’ Pocket Watch. 18-Carat Gold and Diamonds. Circa 1890

Gorgeous gold-and-diamonds ladies pocket watch. In excellent condition and working order.



Beautiful antique ladies pocket watch, made of 18K gold and diamonds. The watch was manufactured by Le Coultre & Cie in Switzerland for the French market circa 1890 and is in really good condition. It is a real jewel, with an exquisite design and high-quality materials, and works really fine. The trace of time has scarcely damaged its integrity; we can only appreciate a tiny dent in one side, almost imperceptible to the naked eye, and very enlarged in the photo and which does not interfere with the items performance and attractiveness . It is a small-sized watch, bound to be used as a brooch or a pendant. The front cap is made of glass and reveals a white dial with black Arab numerals and ormolu Louis-XV-style hands. The rear cap is decorated with a bow-shaped motif made up entirely of real diamonds. They are all original and no one is missing. In the front cap, the pendant and the dustcap we can see the hallmarks which testify for the watchs quality. Among them we discover a horses head, used in France between 1838 and 1919 for 18K gold articles. The caps also bear the engraved serial number 94059. The movement is in excellent condition; one of the pieces has a small inscription, LE COULTRE & CIE. This beautiful antique ladies pocket watch, made of 18K gold and diamonds, will be the best gift for anyone who can appreciate the most special and unique pieces. Dimensions: Width: 30 mm. Weight: 20 g.

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