Antique 18K Gold Ladies’ Pocket Watch. M. Bolviller. France, Circa 1860

Fine 18K gold ladies pocket watch. Signed by Moïse Bolviller. In good working order.



Striking antique 18K ladies pocket watch, signed by M. Bolviller and made in France circa 1860. This is a small-sized watch, designed to be work as a brooch or a necklace pendant. It mounts three 18-carat solid-gold caps, all of them with different hallmarks. Among this marks we find an eagles head, used then in France to identify 18K gold pieces. The caps are decorated with beautiful engraved and embossed classic design, full of symmetrical scrolls and floral motifs. The dial is white with black Roman numerals and Breguet-style hands. The dustcap bears the watchmakers name, M. Bolviller (1800-1874) engraved by hand, together with some fine scrolls. Inside the caps we can also see the serial number 5623. As fine-looking as functional, this antique 18K ladies pocket watch, signed by M. Bolviller is a very special piece, perfect to make a present. Dimensions: Width: 37 mm. Weight: 30.14 g.

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