Antique Pocket Watch. Enamel of the Immaculate Virgin of Soult. Switzerland, Circa 1880

Striking gold pocket watch with an image of the Immaculate Virgin. Hand-painted enamel. In fine working order.



Antique pocket watch with an enamel of the Immaculate Virgin of Soult, made in Switzerland circa 1800 and in really good condition. The watch works fine and shows a very attractive design which stands out for the detailed and skillful job of the artist who painted the enamels. The three caps are made of gold and bear hallmarks. The front cap is covered by an enameled image depicting the Immaculate Conception, also known as Immaculate Virgin of Soult, copied from the famous picture by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (circa 1678). The name Immaculate Virgin of Soult refers to the French marshal Soult, who in 1813 and after the Spanish War of Independence looted the picture and moved it to his own residence in France. The rear cap bears a nice black, white and golden enameled decoration too, as rich as detailed. The dial is white, with black Roman numerals and poire-style hands. Under the rear cap we find the dustcap, adorned with hand-engraved inscriptions which indicate that the movement has 19 rubies and the watch was made by Deneith & Cie., Switzerland. The serial number 421 is quite low, which means that this watch was one of the first models ever made. For its amazing hand-painted decoration and its excellent condition, this antique pocket watch with an enamel of the Immaculate Virgin of Soult will stand out in any collection. Dimensions: Width: 35 mm.

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