Antique 18K Gold Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch. England, 1839

Awesome English 18K gold quarter-repeating pocket watch. Silver and gold dial. With hallmarks and signed movement.



Antique 18K Gold Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch. England, 1839

Antique 18K gold quarter repeater pocket watch, made in England in 1839 by the French Royal Exchange and in very good condition and working order. The box mounts three gold caps, the outside ones adorned with a spectacular hand-engraved decoration. It is composed of many scrolls and flowers, freely disposed and which generate an amazing sense of movement and richness. As well as the caps the floral motifs also cover the crown, the pendant and the ring, creating a truly beautiful article. The front cap protects the silver dial with gold Roman numerals and a crown of scrolls and garlands, made of gold too. Inside the caps we find different hallmarks, among them the goldsmith’s mark (PM), a D (which indicates that the watch was made in 1839) and the 18K gold mark. We can also see the serial number 7301, matching the one engraved in the movement together with the manufacturing company’s name.

This beautiful antique 18K gold quarter-repeating pocket watch is a real jewel, so delicate and in good working order.

Measurements: Width: 50 mm. Weight: 94 g.

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