Antique Silver-Plated Metal Verge-Fusee Pocket Watch. Garret, London, Circa 1800

Beautiful Verge-Fusee pocket watch signed by Garret, London. Silver-plated metal case. Timeless and understated design.



Antique Silver-Plated Verge Fusee Pocket Watch. Garret, London, Circa 1800

Sober antique silver-plated metal verge fusee pocket watch made by Garret in London circa 1800. The case is made of silver-plated metal; it is slightly worn by the trace of time and the use, but it is anyway in quite good condition. The rear cap is adorned with a simple hand-engraved shield inside a circular band. In its inner side, this cap has three hallmarks with the G letter, the inscription ENGLISH MADE and the initials G. W. Under this cap, the dustcap has the same hallmarks and the number 6 – 3873. The white porcelain dial is quite simple, with black roman numerals and pear-type gilt hands. But surely the most beautiful part of this watch is its movement: complex and delicate, is entirely adorned with hand-engraved scrolls. We can also see the signature Garret, London and the serial number.

This amazing antique silver-plated metal verge-fusee pocket watch by Garret is a very special piece, which any watch lover will long to own.

Dimensions: Diameter: 51 mm.

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