Gorgeous Antique Bicolor Silver Ciborium. France, 19th Century

Amazing white and gilt silver more than one hundred years old. In very good condition.

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Gorgeous Antique Bicolor Silver Ciborium. France, 19th Century

Gorgeous antique bicolor silver ciborium made in France in the 19th century, in excellent condition and with hallmarks in all its parts. It is entirely made of white and gilt silver, combining both finishes in order to create such an elegant piece. The whole surface is covered with hand-engraved vegetal-inspired motifs, really good looking. The foot is shaped as flower of six petals, each section adorned with a symmetrical embossed and engraved flower. This part connects the stem through a fine engraving depicting a group of long stylized leaves. The stem is adorned with a delicate decoration of diamonds and dots; on the other hand, the main node combines white silver flowers and a gilt silver background. The subcup is a nice openwork part with stylized bicolor wheat stalks. The white silver parts have been treated to provide them with a matt texture, which can also be seen at the foot and the nodes. This feature adds interest and contrasts to the whole decoration, making up a very attractive design. The lid has the same engraved decoration and is crowned by a beautiful wavy cross.

For its ancient age and great style, this gorgeous antique bicolor silver ciborium deserves to preside the celebration of mass in countless occasions.

Dimensions: Foot’s Width: 5.82 in / 14.8 cm. Cup’s Width: 4.33 in / 11 cm. Height: 11.41 in / 29 cm. Weight: 521 g.

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