Amazing Antique Gilt Silver Ciborium. Dejean. France, Circa 1850

Gorgeous gilt-silver ciborium with hallmarks of French goldsmith Dejean. With beautiful hand-embossed decoration.



Amazing Antique Gilt Silver Ciborium. Dejean. France, Circa 1850

Amazing antique gilt-silver ciborium by Dejean, made in France circa 1850 and in excellent condition. This awesome work of sacred silverware shows the goldsmith’s hallmarks, Joseph-Philippe-Adolphe Dejean, at the cup’s edge and the foot. Dejean worked in Paris between 1846 and 1865, leaving us grand pieces like this one. The circular foot is adorned with medals containing portraits of the Members of the Sacred Family, over a border with cherubs’ heads. Between the portraits and the cherubs, we see the classic liturgical symbols: the wheat stalks, the vine with bunches of grapes and the reeds. The stem has two nodes, the main one decorated with cherubs’ heads similar to those at the foot. The cherubs can also be seen in the subcup, which shows an openwork design with the liturgical symbols mentioned before. The general decoration creates a balanced, beautiful and uniform design. The lid is embellished with the same symbols, framed with engraved volutes – this part and the rest of the ciborium are crowned by a radiant cross which acts as a handle too.

With an imposing presence, this amazing gilt-silver ciborium by Dejean is a piece worthy of the treasure of an important church, even a cathedral.

Dimensions: Foot’s Width: 5.51 in / 14 cm. Cup’s Width: 4.33 in / 11 cm. Height: 11.81 in / 30 cm. Weight: 533 g.

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