Gorgeous Antique Gilt-Silver Chalice and Paten. France, 19th Century

Fine antique gilt-silver chalice and paten set. With images of the Sacred Family. In very good condition.



Gorgeous Antique Gilt-Silver Chalice and Paten. France, 19th Century

Gorgeous antique gilt-silver chalice and paten set, made in France in the 19th century and in excellent condition. The chalice has a circular foot, with a lovely hand-engraved decoration in which three portraits of the Sacred Family stand out. The Members are portrayed in full length; Saint Joseph is depicted with a bucksaw which refers to his job as a carpenter. Mary is holding Baby Jesus in Her arms, while Jesus Christ is holding the Cross. Between the portraits we can see the classic Christian symbols: the reeds, the vine and the wheat stalks. The border is adorned with a cross which marks the chalice’s front side and two groups of reeds, all of them separated by floral motifs. At the stem, the vase-shaped node shows the same decoration. The gilt-silver cup is supported by a fine openwork subcup, with three medallions containing allegories of the Theological Virtues and the symbols stated before. On the other hand, the paten is decorated with an engraved Sacred Heart and the IHS monogram. Both pieces have hallmarks which testify for their quality and ancient age. In the chalice, the goldsmith’s mark is somewhat worn and we cannot identify his name.

This gorgeous antique gilt-silver chalice and paten set is an exclusive article, with an inherent beauty which matches its great condition.

Dimensions: Chalice: Foot’s Width: 5.70 in / 14.5 cm. Cup’s Width: 3.34 in / 8.5 cm. Height: 9.44 in / 24 cm. Weight: 444 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.43 in / 13.8 cm. Weight: 72 g.

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