Large Antique Carved Wooden Crucifix. 19th Century

Great crucifix with polychrome figure of Christ on a carved wooden cross. Excellent condition. Very beautiful and rare.



Large Antique Carved Wooden Crucifix. 19th Century

Large carved wooden crucifix made in the 19th century, in amazing condition and truly beautiful. This singular piece, a real work of art almost two centuries old, stands out for the quality work of the artist or artists which created it. The cross which supports the figure is profusely hand-carved, trimmed by gorgeous floral openwork details quite rare in this type of pieces. The cross’s arms imitate the wood’s wrinkles and nodes, and at the arms’ ends the wood is divided in branches which intertwine with each other and create leaves, fruits and flowers. The bottom carved detail stands out above the rest: a beautiful openwork created from one single piece of wood. The figure of Christ is also magnificent, a great wooden carving with a very realistic temple polychrome work. Jesus’s face is beautiful, with a serene and suffering expression – the body shows the muscles and the bones, while the loincloth’s folds look real. The original nails which connect the figure and the INRI wooden plate to the cross are also preserved.

This Big-Sized carved wooden crucifix is a real work of sacred art, as gorgeous as spiritual.

Dimensions: Width: 21.45 in / 54.5 cm. Height: 44.88 in / 114 cm. Christ’s Figure Height: 15.74 in / 40 cm.

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