Antique Spanish Silver Chalice. Rovira. Barcelona, Ca. 1900

Awesome silver chalice from Barcelona, by Rovira. Beautiful combination of gilt and non-gilt silver. With silver paten.

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Antique Spanish Silver Chalice. Rovira. Barcelona, circa. 1900

Fine antique Spanish silver chalice by Rovira, made in Barcelona circa 1900, finely preserved and with paten. The chalice has non-gilt silver foot, stem and subcup, and gilt silver non-decorated cup. Both finishes make a beautiful contrast which increases the article’s beauty. The foot has hallmarks which testify from the chalice’s origin and ancient age, together with the mark of the goldsmith Joaquin Cabot I Rovira from Barcelona. Both the foot and the subcup are adorned with hand-engraved symbols of Christ's Martyrdom: the dice used by the soldiers to cast lots of His vesture, the nails and the parchment with the INRI inscription. Between them we can see images of wheat stalks and vines (symbols of the Eucharistic Bread and Wine), and a floral motif. The main node is decorated with hand-engraved flowers, and the secondary one, with schematic leaves. The paten has no hallmarks but has been tested and we provide a written guarantee stating it is made of gilt silver. It has the engraved inscription SJ N4.

For its quality and stylized beauty, this antique Spanish silver chalice by Rovira will be the perfect gift for the ordination of a priest.

Dimensions: Chalice: Foot’s Width: 5.31 in / 13.5 cm. Cup’s Width: 3.18 in / 8.1 cm. Height: 10.23 in / 26 cm. Weight: 350 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.11 in / 14 cm. Weight: 105 g.

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