Spectacular Antique Embossed-Silver Triptych. Valencia, Spain, Circa 1900

Striking Spanish embossed-silver triptych on a wooden base. In excellent condition. Nearly one century old.

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Spectacular antique engraved-silver triptych made in Valencia, Spain circa 1900 and in fine condition. The triptych does not bear visible hallmarks. It's an impressive piece, made by a masterful silversmith. In the central piece we can see Virgin Mary with Jesus, flanked by two saints and with two angels on top which hold a shield. Over them, crowning the triptych there is an image of God blessing the World. At the bottom we can see the scene of the Annunciation. The side panels bear embossed images of saints and busts of men and women. At the foot we can see two angels playing musical instruments. The silver plates are in great condition the reliefs and engravings do not show signs of wear, but just a remarkable quality and a high attention to detail. This spectacular antique embossed-silver triptych is a real work of art, a unique and exclusive piece worthy to be part of the treasure of a cathedral. Dimensions: Foots Width: 8.39 in / 21.3 cm. Total Width: 15.83 in / 40.2 cm. Height: 19 in / 48,3 cm.

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