41 Stereoviews 45x107. World War I. France, Circa 1914

Striking collection of stereoscope photographs on glass plates. World War I. Original and realistic. In perfect condition.



Outstanding collection of 41 stereoviews photographs 45x107 from I World War, taken in France circa 1914 and in their original cardboard boxes. The photographs are taken on glass plates and reflect the battlefields reality, portraying devastated scenarios. Many of the plates bear handwritten names, dates and descriptions of the places and the scenes. We can see the ruins of small palaces and churches, trenches, desolate landscapes and graveyards with innumerable graves. There are also photographs of soldiers in their day-to-day life, some of them posing for the camera. The plates show the raw reality of a content which was called The Great War, one of the most devastating ones of the history of mankind. Every lover of contemporary history and Antique photographs will appreciate this collection of 41 45x107 stereoscopic photographs from World War I, complete and original from the period.

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