148 Stereoviews 45x107. World War I. France, Circa 1914

Outstanding collection of 148 stereoscopic photographs on glass plates. World War I. With antique viewer.



Awesome collection of 148 stereoscopic photographs, 43x107 size, taken in France during World War I (circa 1914) and in amazing condition. The collection is composed of chosen images, printed on glass plates. They have a huge historic and aesthetic interest, provided by their authenticity and great quality. The plates are wonderfully preserved and portray images of the front line, with shocking scenes of the soldiers daily life, trenches and devastated landscapes. The photographs show chilling images of corpses, arms (machine guns and cannons) and war machinery such as tanks, planes, blinded vehicles and bunkers. Most images show the French soldiers activity; in some of them we can see German soldiers, but they are scarce. Many of them are really shocking: from lines of corpses in the foreground to soldiers posing with their arms. In some images the soldiers are indifferent to the cameras eye, while in others they pose looking directly at the lens. All of them are a hugely interesting compendium, essential to understand a terrible war which ravished Europe in the early 20th century. The plates come in their original cardboard boxes which can be stored in an only case. In order to watch them and enjoy their quality, the collection comes with an antique UNIS France stereoscopic viewer. It is a simple and functional device, ideal to view the images with the tridimensional effect grated by stereoscopy. The viewer is made of mahogany wood and bears the manufacturers mark at its front side. It is finely preserved; the only flaw that we can appreciate is a small broken corner at the rear smoked-glass plate. This detail, though, does not interfere at all in the viewers operation. This awesome collection of 148 45x107 stereoscopic photographs taken during World War I is a striking testimony of the life on the French battlefield during the content.

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