40 Stereoviews 45x107. World War I. France, Circa 1914

Amazing collection of 40 World War I stereoscopic photographs on glass plates. Realistic and desolate images. Fully original.



Outstanding collection of 40 WWI 45x107 stereoscopic photographs taken in France circa 1914. The pictures are printed on glass plates and remain in excellent condition, making it possible to view them with a stereoscopic viewer. The scenes depict the daily life in different French places during World War I, in the nostalgic sepia-colored and black-and-white images typical of those years. The images show trenches, devastated landscapes, ruined buildings and war machinery, showing a raw and realistic scenario of one of the most terrible wars in the history of mankind. All the plates bear handwritten numbers, dates, locations and brief descriptions of what we can see in the picture. The collection comes in its original cardboard boxes, perfect to store and preserve the photographs. Every lover of contemporary or war history will see a real treasure in this forty 45x107 World War I stereoscopic photographs.

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