Civilian Use Powder Magazine for Charging Weapons. Made in Spain Circa 1850

Leather and brass powder box for muzzle loading guns. Spain, circa 1850. Civilian use. Well preserved.



Antique powder bag for civilian use made in Spain in the 19th century, circa 1850. This curious piece is designed to store the powder used to load muzzle-loading firearms (guns in which the projectile and propelling charge are loaded through the muzzle). It is a very original article, in good condition and that can still be used. The powder bag is made of brass, leather and iron, and the seams are solid and well preserved. As it was designed for civilian use, this piece was probably designed to be used in hunting expeditions.The powder bag has a curious and intelligent device that measures the exact powder load. The user must turn the brass piece at the top and move the hollow cylinder so it remains perpendicular to the bag. Then he or she will turn the bag upside down so the powder will fall into the brass and glass capsule. The amount of powder can be seen through the circular glass window: it is the exact quantity for a load. Then the user will just have to turn the capsule again and put the cylinder upright: through this hollow piece he or she will be able to pour the powder through the guns muzzle.The leather bag boasts a nice shiny reddish color, typical of ancient leather. Its surface shows some signs of the trace of time, something logical for such an antique and authentic article. This signs are marks of the past life of the powder bag and testify for its ancient age. The capsule brass also reflects the trace of time; nevertheless it can be easily manipulated, while the leather bag is still completely watertight. It has an attached iron device designed to hang the powder bag from the users belt; this piece shows a slight curvature so it can adapt to its carriers body.This powder bag is a great collectors item, a piece that will probably have a fascinating past behind.Measurements: Width: 13 cm/5.1 in. Height: 20.5 cm/7.8 in.

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