Magnificent machine for loading ammunition belts for the ZB-37 machine gun. Czechoslovakia, WW II.

Machine for loading ammunition belts for the ZB-37 machine gun. Czechoslovakia, WWII.



Machine for loading ammunition belts for Czechoslovak ZB-37 machine gun caliber 8x57. Green metal box where you can save military machine, belt and ammunition, comfortably, and also has a side handle to carry it. At the top of the black lacquered box appears typical cased military: Z-42, and on one side painted white serial number: 6185. On the inside top of the box is attached to the machine to load the ammunition belts. By making a spring clamping device can be mounted horizontally at any place quickly and easily. Attaches a front crank needed to pass the tape progressively. Inside the machine are again the serial number of the piece: 6185, in striking red, accompanied by "GURTFÜLLER 37". On one side are situated parallel to the two small containers that hold the cartridges until they are introduced into the tape. The cartridges, thanks to the movement of the crank, are introduced in an orderly manner in the articulated metal belt. This type of tape consists of a series of bent plates each holding a single cartridge. All plates are interconnected by a pin or a special fold so as to form a hinge. Often up to start a larger sheet is specially made to facilitate in gun we see in the images perfectly.It is in perfect working order. Load and empty the gun belt. Tape and ammunition including disabled.The ZB-37 machine gun was used by the Germans during World War II. When the German army invaded Czechoslovakia undertook to incorporate the features Czechoslovak ZB-37 machine guns. The basic mission of a machine of this type, is bound to maintain a certain amount of cartridges so that, as they are dragged through the mechanism of the machine gun, ammunition provide correctly oriented for insertion into the chamber.Great machine will delight military collection.Dimensions: 33 x 69 cm.

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