French Inclinometer, WWI. In Perfect Condition. With its original walnut box.

French World War I inclinometer in perfect condition. Original walnut case.



Antique French alidade from the beginning of the 20th century, made to be used during the I World War. Alidades are optical devices designed to calculate the inclination of canyons, depending on the location of the target. These curious instruments were put on the canyon and, by means of a system made of rules, bubble levels and angle measuring devices, they figured out the perfect inclination for the canyon in order to hit the target. This particular alidade was made by Coppin, a French company whose name can be read in the metal plate which is screwes to the rule, and which shows the following description: COPPIN 22, Rue Chapon PARIS. The excellent condition of this fine device is highly remarkable. It is made of brass with some pieces of silvery metal, and some parts (such as the rules central stripe, the eyepiece or the objective) are painted black. Both the brass and the metal are polished and shiny, and the numbers of the angle measuring scale and the rule are neat and clear. The instrument is signed and works perfectly, offering a clean and fine view and a perfect working of the mobile parts. It also keeps the original bubble that checks the horizontal alignment of the canyon. This alidade comes in its original box, made of solid walnut wood that shows the beautiful veneer typical of this noble species. The box which houses the main body of the device is made of walnut boards joined together with dovetail joints, a classical assembling system which provides the box with strength, resistance and beauty. The case preserves the original metal parts and screws. On one side, just by the shutting device, we can see a number: 374, hand-painted in white. This piece is undoubtedly a fine scientific antique, which was used during a famous and tragic war and which is part of the 20th centurys military history. It is really the ideal acquisition for the most complete collection of war and historical antiques. Measurements: 440 mm length x 75 mm height.

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