Antique 17th-Century Stirrups. Spain, Circa 1650

Pair of antique iron stirrups original from the 16th century. Very well preserved. Collectors piece.



Antique 17th-century stirrups forged in Spain circa 1650, entirely original from the time and in excellent condition. The stirrups are made of solid and strong metal, a feature which has enabled them to survive to our days as finely preserved as we can see in the images. They are composed of different iron pieces, strongly welded: a curved plate with wide ends and a hole at the top (to connect the stirrup to the belts of the saddle), and six horizontal narrow pieces where the riders feet rests. The stirrups are decorated with a series of small parallel diagonal lines, engraved by hand and making up a subtle and simple ornamentation. Any lover of riding-related pieces or military arts will appreciate the charm and authenticity of these antique 17th-century stirrups. Dimensions: Height: 6.3 in / 16 cm. Width: 4,33 in / 11 cm. Depth: 3.34 in / 8.5 cm.

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