Antique Pair of Alfonso XIII Infantry Officer's Epaulettes, 1885-1931.

Antique infantry officer's epaulettes from the time of Alfonso XIII, very well preserved and totally original. Museum pieces.



Antique pair of antique infantry officer epaulettes, really good-looking and in very good condition. The epaulettes come from Spain and were used during the reign of Alfonso XIII (1885-1931). Epaulettes are military shoulder pieces of decoration used as an insignia of rank. They are adorned with a series of decorative details. The epaulettes that we can see in the images are made of golden metal; their inside is covered with salmon-colored fabric. Attached to this fabric, each epaulette bears a brass plate with a hinge and a lock designed to fix the piece to the uniform. The exposed sides are painted gold and bear fine decorative and symbolic details. as ornaments and badges bear the acronym of King Alfonso XIII (A XIII) an A with scrolls and the Roman numeral XIII below it and the royal crown over the acronym, embossed golden leaves at each shoulder pieces end and a golden button at the other end. Historic and beautiful, these amazing antique infantry officer epaulettes will shine in a good collection of military antiques.

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