Photo Album of a French Soldier. I World War. Original Photographs

Amazing collection of photographs from the I World War in their album. Belonging to a French soldier. Original from the time.



Awesome photo album of a French soldier during the IWW, completely original and in good condition. The collection is composed of 284 private photographs, taken mainly in 1914, 1915 and 1916. Many images are perfectly preserved, while other have been blurred by the trace of time. The album has fabric-lined covers and paper pages; the photographs are held by cuts. Some images are accompanied by handwritten inscriptions, in blue ink and gorgeous calligraphy. In the collection, some photographs really stand out: those of a captured German biplane and of French pilots posing in front of their planes. The album also contains a military franchise card for troops in operations. As interesting as authentic, this photo album of a French soldier during IWW will arouse the fascination of any lover of 20th-century history. Dimensions: Width: 12.6 in / 32 cm. Height: 9.54 in.

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