German tripod for MG3, MG42 and MG53 with Wezlar telescopic sight.

German tripod to hold a MG3, MG42 or MG53, coming from the German army. The tripod can be...



German tripod to hold an MG3, MG42 or MG53, from the German Army. The tripod can be completely folded for transport, being reduced to a large backpack size. In this way the equipment can be carried comfortably by one of the team members. It unfolds as quickly as it folds. A watertight compartment conceals a Wetzlar telescopic sight that attaches to the side. The tripod is equipped with a damping system at the front to dissipate recoil force. It is heavy, 22 kilos, and folded measures 85 x 60 cms.

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