Antique Pair of Armor Gauntlets from the 17th Century. Spain, Circa 1650

Pair of armor gauntlets from the late 17th century. In fine condition. Entirely original.



Striking antique pair of armor gauntlets from the 17th century, made in Spain circa 1650. This item is truly original from the time and retains the fine patina created by the trace of the centuries, displaying an uncommon interest and a great charm. The gauntlets are articulated and are composed by a short metal sleeve which covers the wrist and a series of overlapping metal pieces which can be stretched to protect the hand and the fingers. The pieces are attached with antique rivets. One of the gauntlets show a very ancient repair, probably made at the time, centuries ago. Solid and fascinating, they are perfect to imagine how was the outfit used by warriors 400 years ago.

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