PAB-2M Military Sighting Scope for Mortar and Artillery in Good Condition. USSR, 1962

Complete Soviet PAB-2M sight for mortar and artillery. With tripod and accessories. USSR, 1962.



The device we can see in these photographs is an artillery and mortar aiming circle model PAB-2, designed and produced in the Soviet Union in 1962. It is a military use piece in quite good condition, preserving all its component parts in fine working order and accmnpanied by a cleaning kit and instruction booklet. The device comes with a tripod in its corresponding carrying case and with a set of accessories and pieces to manipulate it. Military aiming circles are used for orienting the cannon battery or laying weapons on the azimuth of fire, and they can also be used for general topographical surveying. This particular model bears an inscription with the name ?A?-2M (PAB-2M) and the serial number 4T3406 engraved in one of the metal component parts. There is another piece marked with the inscription AH?-1M (ANB-1M) and its corresponding serial number, 5A351. The device is finished with a nice hammered golden paint, in good condition and with contrasting bright red and silvery pieces. Last but not least, the tripod is painted with grayish green hammered enamel. This military Soviet piece has probable a fascinating history behind. It is surely worthy to belong to the best collector ever. Measurements (with tripod): Width: 32.2.in/82 cm. Height: 53.1 in/132 cm.

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