Antique Brass and Silver Black-Gunpowder Bull Horn or Loader. Early 19th Century

Amazing antique black-gunpowder horn with hand-engraved brass and silver decorations. Very beautiful. Almost two hundred years old.



Antique brass and silver black-gunpowder horn or loader, made in the early 19th century or earlier, and in really good condition. It is a real horn, probably Bull Horn, with a fine dark-brown color, which stands out too for the gorgeous of brass and silver details that cover almost its whole surface. At the front side of the horn the metals are completely decorated with hand-engraved Mudejar-inspired motifs, performed with the highest detail and really delicate. At the back side the horn is covered by non-decorated brass sheets, with no engravings or silver parts. This item is almost complete: the only piece missing is the mouths lid. The rest of the parts, including the beautiful brass rings to tie the rope, are entirely original from the period. This fascinating antique black-gunpowder horn or loader is a real collectors piece, so good-looking and greatly decorated. Dimensions: Length: 13.78 in / 35 cm.

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