Set of Military Epaulettes from the 2nd Republic. Spain, 1931-39

Rare pair of Spanish military epaulets from the time of the Republic. In excellent condition.



Rare couple of military epaulettes for artillery officer, in really good condition and truly original. The epaulettes were made during the Second Spanish Republic and have survived to our days in amazing condition. They are made of golden brass and red felt, with silvery metal details depicting symbols and shields. At the back they mount a brass pasant with a lock, designed to attach the epaulettes to the shoulder of the uniform. Epaulettes are a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations. In several European armies, epaulettes are also worn by all ranks of elite or ceremonial units when on parade. The placement of the epaulette, its color and the length and diameter of its bullion fringe are used to signify the wearer's rank. The ones that we can see in these images were worn by an artillery officer of the Spanish army. The period when they were made and awarded, the Second Spanish Republic, lasted from 1931 (year of abdication of the king Alphonse 13th) and 1939 (end of the Spanish Civil War). The Second Republic was proclamated after a period known as Provisional Government (April-December 1931), during which the Constitution was approved. These epaulettes are embellished with silvery metal details attached to the brass base. The bigger ones depict the Spanish coat of arms of the period with the symbols of Castile, Leon, Catalonia and Navarra and the motto PLUS ULTRA. Over the coat of arms we can see a stone wall with four towers, shaped like a crown. Both brass pieces bear a circular mark containing two crossed canyons, a crown and canyon bullets.This symbol identifies the artillery corps. Every lover of military and historic antiques will appreciate the interest and the attractive of these stunning ancient epaulettes. Measurements: Width: 4.3 in / 11 cm. Height: 5.1 in / 13 cm.

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