1940's English Military Inclinometer. In Good Working Condition.

Curious military inclinometer, used to measure the angle of fire of the cannons. Manufactured in 1940



This curious and attractive military brass alidade, made of black-lacquered brass, was made in 1940 by English firm Hall Bros. Today it works as new. The instrument keeps all its pieces: the telescope, three bubble levels, a vertical silver scale arc and a vernier, which can be read through a magnifying glass. It has also a base with a parallel rule that can be folded out. The item is in good condition; the black lacquer of the base is somewhat worn but can be restored. Anyway, these signs of use provide this kind of antiques with authenticity and charm. Alidades were instruments designed to measure the shooting angle of canyons; they were placed on them before shooting. They could be defined as canyons shooting views. Very probably, this one was used during the II World War. On the base we find an embossed inscription with the name of the brand and the year of manufacture: HALL BROs, PURLEY WAY, CROYDON 1940. We can also read the serial number: Nº 40499, and a broad arrow pointing at it. The eyepiece, objective and rack and pinion focus are in good condition and let the user operate the alidade. The telescope and the arc can be turned 360 degrees. The longest bubble level is attached to the upper side of the instrument and has a detachable mirror on it. There is a shorter level set by the pillar on which the telescope stands, and there is also a round bubble level on the base. The alidade comes into its original mahogany case, on which we can see another metal plate with black lettering showing the brand, country and field of industry (surveying instruments optical manufacturers). Some of these details are also carved on the wooden cover. The case is in good condition and keeps its metal shutting hooks, the inside covering (made of green felt) and the wooden supports. It is an attractive military piece, with a long life and history behind it, which combines its nice looks with a careful functionality. A real jewel for any collector of military antiques. Measurements: 380 mm width (base) x 200 mm height.

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