Superb Antique Antique General Quartermaster Pistol Pouches. Spain, Circa 1920

Imposing pair of cavalry holsters in very good condition. Alfonso XIII period.



Amazing antique couple of cavalry holsters for quartermaster General Officer, quite decorative and in very good condition. This piece was made in Spain during the reign of Alphonse XIII (1886-1931). The holsters are made of leather, brass and embroidered fabric and stand out for their stately design and the many decorative details they show. They were probably a gala accessory, bound to be shown off in parades and military festivities. The holsters are two pieces made of reddish-brown natural leather, carefully shaped and molded to accommodate the guns. They are both finely preserved and show no scratches, broken threads or flaws. The ends are protected by nice brass details with engraving filigree motives depicting leaves. Protecting each holster there is a black cover profusely adorned with embroidered bands and metal details. The covers are made of felt-lined leather and are made up by two overlapped and sewn parts that cover the holsters almost entirely. The two overlapped parts are decorated with a lovely embroidered borders made of golden threads. In the center of each holster there is a golden brass detail with the royal crown on top. The inner side of the covers is slightly worn, but this cannot be seen unless we lift these pieces. Both holsters are connected by a wide leather band with a series of straps made of the same material. The straps bear metal belts and are bound to attach the accessory to the horseback. This set of fittings is in really good condition. These cavalry holsters make up an authentic piece, antique and beautiful. They will surely shine in a good collection of military antiques. Measurements: Width: 8.2 in / 21 cm. Height: 13.3 in / 34 cm.

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