Antique Soviet SVT-40 Sniper Scope for Mosin Nagant. Russia, WW II

Striking Soviet SVT-40 sniper scope. For Mosin Nagant rifle. Entirely original.



Antique Soviet SVT-40 sniper scope for Mosin Nagant, made in Russia during WW II and 100% original. Currently many replicas of this scope are made, but the one that we can see in the images is an original model and was used in the second great content of the 20th century. The scope is designed to be mounted in a Mosin Nagant rifle, one of the most famous weapons in history, which was used between 1891 and the 1960s. This is the model 91/30 STV-40 and is in good working order: it preserves the anchoring parts, the optics are clear, the turrets work and the viewfinders cross moves. Curiously enough, we can tell that this scope appeared in the film Stalingrado, directed by Joseph Vilsmaier in 2013. The viewfinder is made of black-lacquered metal and looks sturdy and powerful. The body bears the engraved serial number 6-148003 with the model and the symbol of the workers union, the hammer and sickle. This superb antique Soviet SVT-40 sniper scope for Mosin Nagant is a real museum piece, worthy of inclusion in the best collection of historic and military pieces.

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