German Wall Clock, 1900

Great German wall clock from 1990. With Westminster chime and in perfect working order.



This striking wall clock, big in size and quite imposing, dates from the early 20th century (1900) and was manufactured in Germany. Its box is made of solid wood from different species, all of them harmonized through a nice red dye and an attractive French-polish finish. The clock is in perfect condition and the wood has been fully restored in order to boast the magnificent look we can admire in the photographs. The movement has also been revised and adjusted so the clock works perfectly. It chimes the hours and the halves with the Westminster Quarters.As stated before, the box is made of solid beech and pine wood dyed a delicate light mahogany tone. It has turned and carved details: crowning pieces, balusters, medals and two twin columns flanking the central door. This door is divided into two sections: at the top, a square window lets us see the clocks face, while at the bottom the rectangular gap shows the pendulum. Both windows are closed with glass panels. The wooden details that adorn the clock are all original and perfectly preserved, in spite of the years that have passed since they were made.The clocks movement is very beautiful and precise; it has a carillon and chimes the hours, the quarters and the halves. It is attached to the face through a plywood plank. At the left bottom corner we can see an embossed number (115) engraved in the metal. On the other hand, the piece from which the pendulum bob hangs has also a serial number engraved in the wood: 3449. This German wall clocks spectacular look and its delicate melodies will be the perfect counterpoint in the decoration of the most elegant living room.This clock is a real collectors item, full of beauty and style.Measurements: Width: 380 mm. Height: 1150 mm.

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