Classic Antique Wall Clock made by Gustav Becker. Germany, 19th Century

Antique wall clock in walnut wood, with Gustav Becker mechanism. In perfect working order.



This beautiful and stylish wall clock is an antique piece made in Germany in the 19th century. The clock is in striking condition and works wonderfully. The original movement has been cleaned and fine-tuned and chimes the hours and the halves accurately. The solid walnut wood preserves all its original pieces and details it is also carefully restored and its surface glows in all its glory. The box is decorated with hand-made turned and carved pieces, delicate and elegant, that provide the clock with a classic and charming style. Inside the box, the delicate brass movement bears the manufacturers mark engraved in the metal. It is a circular mark with the Gustav Becker name and logo inside (a crowned anchor between the letters G and B). We can also see another mark with the inscription MEDAILLE DOR and the serial number 49252. Gustav Becker was a famous German clockmaker that lived and work in Freiburg (a city located in the German Black Forest) in the 19th century. The mark that we can see in the movement corresponds to the Golden Medal which Becker was awarded in the Silesia Trade Exhibition of 1852. The clocks face is made of white enameled metal with fine black Roman numbers. It is really well preserved and so is the pendulum bob this piece is also painted white and bears the black letters R and A painted in a baroque gothic style. All the movements pieces are original and remain in good condition, and so is the amazing solid walnut box. Its design mixes different colors of wood (various shades of brown and also black); this fills the clock with a stately beauty and a high decorative power. For its style and personality, this antique wall clock is an exclusive piece perfect to decorate a classy home. Measurements: Width: 15.3 in / 39 cm. Height: 40.9 in / 104 cm.

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