Wall Clock, Ca. 1900

Antique wall clock from the early 20th century. It gives the hours and quarters and works perfectly.



Noble wall striking clock in very good condition. It is a really antique clock and a very special one, which dates from the beginning of the 19th century. This clock shows a classical look with side pillars and a wavy top. It is made of mahogany wood, with the stunning dark red color typical of this noble specie. The clock works perfectly and chimes the hours and the quarters, being a beautiful decorative item and a functional piece. The set composed by the face and the pendulum is located into the box, and we can reach both pieces just opening a nice glass door. The box has two elegant turned columns on each side. The top shows a wavy symmetrical shape, and is embellished with hand-carved volutes and details. The bottom is composed of a shell-shaped corbel and three round pieces. If we open the door we will reach the elegant pendulum, the face and the small bottom metal plate which indicates the pendulums steps. The three pieces are enameled in white and have black Roman numbers. The face is adorned by several brass circles, and the needles are also made of brass and are topped with a nice filigree. The pendulum is made of brass and the bob is enameled in white and shows the letters R A, separated by a vertical arrow. The metal mechanism that operates the clock is in very good condition. At the rear we can see the serial number engraved in the metal: 94125, while it the lower right corner there is a number: 34. The wood is varnished and looks shiny and polished, with no traces of woodworm attack or visible failures. The beauty of the box, the ancient age and the good working order of this smart clock turn it into a great purchase for the most elegant home. Measurements: 310 mm width x 810 mm height.

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