Original Junghans Pendulum Clock, ca. 1880-1890.

Junghans Pendulum Clock, ca. 1880-1890.



Original Junghans Pendulum Clock, made circa 1880-1890. In perfect working order and with hour and half-hour chime. It consists of a decorative wooden case with baroque architectural features, divided into two main registers, flanked by columns and an undulating upper cornice. This particular clock has the particularity of playing with wood of two colors, which makes it a very decorative piece. The black side columns clearly connect with the upper pinnacles and enhance the decoration of this wonderful piece. The upper cornice, framed by two larger lateral pinnacles and smaller central ones, is decorated in the central part with a beautiful carving of a horse with its front legs raised. The lower part of the clock is also decorated with inverted pinnacles and a corbel structure, decorated with a play of colors of the different woods used. The off-white dial of the clock is very simple and has some hairs, which testifies that it is a completely original piece. It has Roman numerals enameled in black, and central pike hands. The precious rod pendulum consists of an original lens decorated with a central porcelain dial with two letters R and A separated by an arrow pointing downwards. It has an 8-day movement with hour and half-hour chime. Both the dial and machinery are signed with the eight-pointed star and the spelling of the brand: JUNGHANS, brand used from 1880. It is in good condition. The mechanism has been revised and is practically like new, perfect for marking the hours from the first minute. Beautiful Junghans clock with which to strike the hours. Measures: 89 x 34 x 16 cm.

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