German Junghans Wall Clock, 1900. Restored and Overhauled. Works Perfectly

Beautiful German wall clock, Junghans brand, manufactured in 1900. Restored and overhauled.



Elegant Junghans German Wall Clock from 1900. Fully Restored and Revised. In Perfect Working Order This elegant wall clock is a good example of the quality of Junghans product. The box is made of solid wood, covered with wood veneers, carved and turned. The front is covered of light mahogany veneer; the veneers have been combined so they form a design called frisage (the wood pattern is combined so that the veneers form a symmetrical motive). The turned pieces are made of solid wood and so are the carved parts that crown the clock. The pendulum is highly remarkable; made of wood and with a polished brass pendulum bob, it is a sober and beautiful piece. The clocks face is made of white porcelain with black Roman numbers and needles with filigree ends. The face is signed with the logo of the brand: a five-point star with the word Junghans inside. The movement also bears this signature engraved in the metal. The clock has been restored so the wood and the French polish that protects it are in great condition, showing a warm glow which enhances its color and beauty. The movement has also been revised and checked, and the clock works perfectly and chimes the hours and the halves. This is a magnificent example of classical clockmaking art, a model more than one hundred years old intended to embellish the decoration of the most stylish home. Junghans brand was founded in 1861 in Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany, by Enrst Junghans together with his brother-in-law, Jacob Zeller-Tobler. This societe only lasted a few years, and in the beginning the companys name was Junghans & Tobler. In its first years the brand only made movements, but in 1866 the company had more than seventy workers and started producing watches and clocks. During the 20th century Junghans made and launched a lot of models, some of which have become very popular and famous. Nowadays the company still produces watches and chronometers. Measurements: 1000 mm height.

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