Wall Clock, Ca. 1890s

Elegant Kienzle wall clock, 1910. In solid wood and working perfectly



Magnificent German wall clock made by Kienzle brand in 1910. It is a lovely clock, elegant and sober, made of quality walnut and beech wood. Kienzle was a watchmaker German company founded in 1822 to make pendulum clocks. In the 1950s the factory was already making other types of clocks and watches, especially wristwatches, and with the trace of time the brand became so popular that it was said that half the German people wore a Kiezle wristwatch. The different wooden pieces combine to make up an attractive veneer design, and also a beautiful set of brown and golden colors. The clock is profusely adorned with carved and turned wooden pillars, geometrical and shell-shaped details. It also bears a golden brass detail depicting a classic art-déco style Roman or Greek mask, probably the face of Athena, the Greek goddess. The clock face bears elegant black classic numbers and a central plate made of engraved brass. The pendulum bob is also made of brass and is decorated with a winged angels head and a lot of decorative volutes. The machinery is in great condition and working order, and the clock keeps the original key. The machinery shows the logo of the brand (a winged wheel) engraved on the metal, and we can also see the inscription OGMS and the numbers 43/104. Some parts are decorated with decorative engraved motives. The clock works like new and chimes the hours and the quarters, which turns it into a functional item, full of history and charm and as decorative as interesting. Measurements: 395 mm width x 900 mm height.

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