Fantastic Solid Silver Chalice and Paten Set. S. XIX. Dated 1894

Beautiful set of chalice and paten in solid silver and amethysts, 19th century. Paten with signed scene.



Great solid silver chalice and paten set with hallmarks in all its parts. Both pieces are nicely decorated with hand-engraved scenes, rosettes and medals depicting characters and scenes from the New Testament. The chalice and the paten are in excellent condition and come in an antique case that has been fully restored. The set comes from France and was made in the late 19th century, having survived to our days quite well preserved and boasting all its original beauty.The silver chalice is adorned with six delicate purple amethysts. Three of these precious stones decorate the cup and the rest are embedded in the base. As well as with the amethysts, this piece is also embellished by a wonderful engraved decoration with three fine medals; the ones that adorn the cup depict three saints, Saint Peter among them, while the ones at the base are portraits of Jesus Christ with the Sacred Hear, Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. The engravings are carefully performed with a high attention to detail, and so is the delicate silver filigree that surrounds them. The cup and the base bear two hallmarks each: one of them depicts Minerva goddesss profile indicating that the pieces were made in France, while the other is the silversmiths mark.The paten is a truly spectacular piece. It is decorated with a hand-engraved picture depicting the Last Supper in detail, with Jesus Christ and the apostles sitting at the table under a classical temple. Over this structure, a triangle symbolizing God emits rays from a group of clouds. This engraving is surprisingly beautiful and perfect, especially if we consider the small surface where it was performed. Moreover it is signed at the left bottom corner, where we can read the inscription MONTAGNY F. in capital letters. The paten also has hallmarks and is surely the best accessory for the striking chalice.At the base of the chalice we can find an inscripction: "Pierre Ferrandier à son Neveu et filleul Pierre Thomas. 29 Juin 1894", that translated from French means: "Pierre Ferrandier to his nephew and godson Pierre Thomas. June 29, 1894"This chalice and paten set is so beautiful that is undoubtedly bound to be shown in the most complete collection of religious art.Measurements: Chalice: Total Hieght: 250 mm.Height of Cup: 80 mm. Mouth Diameter: 95 mm. Paten: Diameter: 160 mm.

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