Spectacular Bishop's Chalice in Solid Silver Contrasted. France, XIX Century.

Impressive French chalice made in solid silver. XIX Century. Contrasts in all parts.



This striking bishops chalice is a first-class piece of sacred art, a big antique chalice made completely of sterling silver. The chalice comes from France and is decorated with hand-engraved motives that increase its beauty considerable. It is an ancient piece that was made in the 19th century; nevertheless, is wonderfully preserved and can still boast its huge beauty just like the first day of use. This piece weighs 736 grams and has hallmarks in all its parts, being a real state-of-art religious article. The base on which the chalice stands on is circular and quite wide. It has an ample edge decorated with floral-inspired motives and with palms tied with ribbons. The rest of the base is extremely beautiful: it is engraved with delicate designs that depict grape bunches and rushes, together with medals containing scenes of Jesus Christs life. Over the base, the stem has a big node decorated again with grape bunches (a wine-related image referring to Jesus Christs blood) and rushes; this plants speak of the strength and the flexibility of the human soul. These vegetal motives can also be seen in the cups base, creating filigree designs that let us see this piece through them. Between the motives we find more medals with scenes of the life of Christ. The cup itself is made of gold-plated silver, flat and with a graceful curved edge. As stated before, all the chalices parts bear hallmarks that indicate they are made of the best quality sterling silver. This amazing bishops chalice, of important presence and beautifully decorated, will draw the attention of any lover of sacred art. Measurements: Width: 6.2 in/16 cm. Height: 11.8 in/30 cm.

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