Silver and Metal Chalice, 1888

Stylized French chalice with dedication made in 1888. With contrasting solid silver cup.



Fine French chalice made in 1888, full of stylish beauty. This great religious item is made of solid silver and metal, being the cup made of silver and with its corresponding hallmarks. The rest of the chalice is made of silvery metal, polished, shiny and in perfect conditions. Inside the cup is gold-plated and boasts a deep and attractive tone, typical of this kind of pieces. The chalice comes with its original case; this element has preserved the item in great condition.One of the most remarkable details of this antique piece is the presence of a dedicatory engraved in the base. The inscription reads: MAURICE GRAND EURY 7 BRE 1888. These words indicate clearly the chalices date of making, in the late 1800s. The lettering is antique in style and is nicely engraved. The rest of the pieces decoration is very simple, being composed of stylized symmetrical floral motives that provide the item with a touch of class. The cups base is embellished with four big engraved leaves that come out of the stem as if they belonged to a real flowers chalice. The cup bears two engraved hallmarks that guarantee the quality and origin of the silver this part of the chalice is made of. On the other hand, the original case that comes with the chalice lets its owner store it comfortably and securely. The case also keeps the straps designed to close the lid.This beautiful and elegant French chalice is a real sacred art jewel from the 1900s, fit to stand out in the best collection.Measurements: Height: 230 mm. Width (base): 130 mm.

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