Silver Chalice, ca. 1900

Magnificent Valencian silver chalice with enamels. Early 20th century. With paten and contrasted.



This amazing set of sterling silver chalice and paten was made in Valencia (Spain) in the early 20th century. Both pieces have hallmarks and are in excellent condition. The chalice bears three beautiful enamel medals, highly colorful and painted by hand by a skillful artist. The material this set is made of is 916 silver, something that we can read in the two hallmarks: one at the chalices base and the other engraved in the paten. Both show the inscription J DAVIS 916, indicating that the set was made by a silversmith of such name that worked in Valencia in the early 20th century.The chalice is a singularly beautiful item because of the delicately engraved silver and the enameled medals at its base. Two of them are portraits of the patron saints of Valencia: the Virgin of the Desamparados and Saint Joseph. The third one is an image of Jesus Christ with the Holy Heart. At the node we can see a series of capital letters engraved in the silver, each one framed by a diamond shape and making up the word JESUS. The piece is decorated with nice classic-inspired engravings with vegetal volutes and fleurs-de-lys. There are also some embossed filigree details at the base and in the part that holds the cup.The paten is also a very special piece. We can see the Latin inscription HOC EST ENIM CORPUS MEUM engraved in its surface, words attributed to Jesus Christ during the Last Dupper: This is my body. These words are usually repeated by the preacher during the Eucharist. The inscription is circular and frames a central engraved motive: two hearts with a Latin cross between them. Both the chalice and the paten are very well preserved, being especially remarkable the excellent condition the enameled medals are in: full of color, with no broken or missing parts and performed with unquestionable skill and charm.This set composed by this silver chalice and paten is bound to stand out in the best collection of sacred art for its quality and beauty.Measurements: Chalice: Width: 100 mm. Height: 250 mm. Paten: 150 mm diameter.

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