Large Gilded Brass Monstrance in Very Good Condition. First Quarter of XX Century

Beautiful gilded brass monstrance, large size and very well preserved. First quarter of the 20th century.



Important golden brass monstrance, big in size and probably made in Spain. This religious item was made in the first quarter of the 20th century, circa 1920, and is a beautiful piece, in wonderful condition and which boasts its lovely look just like the first day. It is made entirely of golden brass and is adorned with fake transparent and red precious stones. This decoration embellishes highly the article that also preserves the lunettes glass in perfect condition. The lunette is the capsule designed to keep and exhibit the Blessed Sacrament. The monstrance is decorated with engraved motives in different styles.The lunette is in the center of the top part, also known as sun. At the back of the lunette we can see the hinge which lets us open and close the capsule. As usual, this piece is surrounded by metal pieces simulating the sunrays. This monstrance has the particular feature of interspersing stylized flowers between the rays, making up a dynamic and original composition. The top is crowned by a Latin cross with a red stone in the center. On the other hand, the lunette is surrounded by a circular frame of white transparent stones cut like diamonds; they provide it with light and highlight this particular zone. Around this frame, a series of lobed designs separate it from the sunrays; these motives also boast red stones similar to the one in the cross.The cane that joins the base to the sun has a nice engraved detail at its top, with a floral design. Just below we find the node or knob, decorated with cut red stones. The wide base is flat and polished, though the part that connects it to the cane is engraved with wheat stalks, which symbolize Christs Body. The curved legs are decorated with the same pattern. Finally, the base is also adorned with a series of small red stones which embellishes them considerably.The beautiful presence of this monstrance and its elegant look turn it into a highly decorative item, full of antique charm and fit to stand out in the most aristocratic room.Measurements: Width: 310 mm. Height: 600 mm.

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