Beautiful French Ciborium in Solid Silver Gilt and metal foot. XIX Century

Beautiful French ciborium in silver plated metal, with solid silver gilt cup. Beautiful design. XIX century.



Magnificent French ciborium made in the 19th century. It has survived to our days in wonderful condition and is surely a very singular and decorative piece. The ciborium is made of solid silver, the cup, and sikvered metal, the foot; the contrast between both tones creates a lovely design, full of timeless elegance. The ciborium is profusely embossed and engraved all over its surface with designs related to Eucharist and Christian religious scenes.This pieces base is wide and solid, and bears three engraved medals that frame images of holy women. Between the medals we can see three motives usually related with the Sacrament of Eucharist: wheat stalks, a vine with grape bunches and rushes. The first ones symbolize bread and wine, while the rushes are related with the Christians strength and flexibility. Just over the base we can see the node, also decorated with leaf-shaped motives.The cups base is beautifully filigree-shaped and is composed of vegetal-inspired volutes that curve graciously. The golden solid silver cup rests on them; it is very well preserved and has two hallmarks stamped in the metal. One of them bears the initials D and A and the other is a Minerva head that indicates the origin of the piece (France). The cup is covered by a nice lid that protects the Sacred Hosts. This lid is decorated with a simple and charming engraved pattern, and a cross crowns its central part.Measurements: Width: 110 mm. Height: 220 mm.

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