Beautiful French Chalice and Paten in Solid Silver. XIX Century. With Contrasts in Both Pieces

French set of chalice and paten in solid silver. XIX Century. Contrasted and with period case.



Wonderful set of sterling silver chalice and paten, made in France in the 19th century. Both pieces are in great condition and come into in an original antique case. The chalice boasts a sober and stylish design, with fire-gilt silver parts that enhance its beauty. This piece and the paten that comes with it bear hallmarks that guarantee the quality of the precious metal they are made of. This set is a nice antique and a magnificent sacred art piece that has survived to our days in excellent condition and shows off an exceptional beauty.The chalices design is singularly elegant, boasting a sober style with a powerful decorative look. The bases background is embellished with a squared motive over which a series of symmetrical petals display. These petals emerge from the stem and are decorated with vegetal-inspired motives that remind the fleur-de-lis shape. One of them contains a Latin cross. The stem has two nodes, a smaller one and the main one, the latter with squared background and vegetal-inspired motives. The cups base reproduces the motive also engraved at the chalices base: a series of crossed petals with vegetal decoration and shapes inspired in the fleur-de-lis. The cup is flat, with no decoration at all and made of fire-gilt silver.The paten is only decorated with a subtle Greek cross and a circle, both engraved in the center of the piece. The paten and the chalice are hallmarked depicting a Minervas head (indicating that the set was made in France) and the other being the silversmiths mark. The chalice is hallmarked at the cup and in at the base. The set comes in an antique case that has contributed to protect the items so they have survived to our days in such good condition. It also provides the set with an unquestionable charm.The owner of this antique set of silver chalice and paten will feel proud to own a striking first-quality piece, worthy of a museum of sacred art.Measurements: Chalice: Width: 140 mm. Height: 242 mm. Paten: 130 mm diameter.

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