Chalice and Paten of Silver, S. XIX

Set of solid silver chalice and paten from France. XIX Century, in original case.



This fine set of chalice and paten for the celebration of Eucharist is a very singular piece because of its ancient age and discreet beauty. Both articles come from France and were manufactured in the 19th century. The items bear some hallmarks that guarantee the authenticity, quality and origin of the silver they were made of. The set is in excellent condition and comes in its original case, an element that has surely has helped to preserve this set so it can boast all its beauty just like the day it was made.The chalice is a really attractive piece that shows off a greatly sober design. The base is cone-shaped and looks wide: it progressively narrows until it reaches the first node, turning into a slim stem. At the front, the base bears a smart Latin cross engraved in the metal; it is the only decorative motive engraved in the silver surface. The stem has three nodes: the central node, wider and more prominent, and two secondary ones over and below it. The edge of the base that supports the cup is lobed, making up fine semicircular shapes that succeed creating a dynamic-looking fringe. The cup, on the other hand, looks totally flat and is gold-plated inside.The paten is also a simple piece, and its only decoration is the monogram engraved in its center: IHS, standing for Jesus Christ, located over the symbol of the Sacred Heart. Both pieces, chalice and paten, bear different hallmarks. One of them is diamond-shaped and inside has the inscription A. RENAU with a scale and a star. On the other hand, the case that protects this silver set is lined of red velvet. Inside the lid, a black and golden label is printed with the inscription BRONZES ET ORFÈVRERIE DÉGLISE VALLÉE A CAEN.This amazing set of ecclesiastic pieces, made of the best quality silver, will be the perfect item for a showcase with the best religious antiques.Measurements: Chalice: Width: 12,8 cm/5 in. Heigth: 22 cm/8.6 in. Paten: 13,5 cm/5.1 in. diameter.

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