Neogothic Silver Chalice, 1907

Beautiful neogothic chalice with paten, both in solid silver. With dedication and enamels. Year 1907.



This impressive chalice and paten set, made of sterling silver and in its original wooden case, dates from 1907 and has survived to our days in excellent condition. The chalice is a spectacular neo-gothic piece, embellished with colorful enameled motives at the base, the stem and the node. The set was probably made in Ireland. Its medieval style is balanced and smart, and the profusely enameled surface creates a colorful and decorative item. The chalice comes with a solid silver paten, decorated with an attractive engraved motive depicting Gods Lamb holding a flag with the cross of Saint Olaf.The chalice is unquestionably beautiful because of its solid and harmonious design and the engravings and enamels that decorate it. The base is hexagonal in shape and each one of its six sections bears an enameled medal. The scenes depicted in them are the Crucifixion, with the Virgin and Saint John; the Virgin with the Holy Child, and four portraits of the Evangelists with their respective symbols. All the medals show cobalt blue and golden background with green and red details. The non-enameled silver surface is fully decorated with vegetal-inspired motives engraved by hand.The chalices stem is lovely, with its two nodes (the main one at the top and a secondary one just over the base) and a nice enameled decoration. The lower node is embellished with pearls and the main one shows a series of enameled blue letters that make up the word IESUS, accompanied by a red cross. At the chalices base we can read the following inscription: IN PERPETUAL MEMORY OF MY DEAR MOTHER WHO DIED 29 JANUARY 1907. This legend, held in Irish style lettering gives us a clue to the date of manufacture of this beautiful set and its provenance, as there are not hallmarks, nor in the chalice or in the paten. However it has been tested in absolutely every one of its parts and the result is that they are all solid silver. I put to guarantee my 100% positive feedback that is solid silver, though not hallmarked. Of course, I would do a a full refund of the payment if not, but it won't be necessary. I guarantee it is 100% solid silver, both the chalice and paten.The chalice and the paten come into a nice solid custom-made oak wooden case, perfect to store and protect the pieces.This incredible solid silver chalice and paten set is a real work of art that any collector of sacred art will long to own.Measurements: Chalice: Width of base: 175 mm. Height: 225 mm. Paten: 145 mm diameter.

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